Updated: Nov 25, 2019

With this easy to follow 8 - STEP GUIDE you will be able to make the best pour- over coffee!

For those who value simplicity, we have created a simple 8 - STEP GUIDE to make the best possible pour- over coffee at home.

Ps. What do you think of the mustache? 😁

☕️ STEP 1 Grind the coffee just before you start brewing. Be sure to weight the beans first.

☕️ STEP 2 Boil a kettle of fresh water with low mineral content.

☕️ STEP 3 Place the paper filter in the dripper {or carafe} and rinse briefly under the hot tap.

This helps to reduce any taste the paper may have and warms up the brewing device.

☕️ STEP 4 Place the brewer on the scales, add the coffee onto the filter.

☕️ STEP 5 Using the scales as a guide, pour a little water on to the coffee, about twice as much as the coffee by weight. You may want to gently stir it with a spoon. Wait 30 seconds.

☕️ STEP 6 Continue pouring in a circular motion, weighting as you go until you reach the final amount of water for your chosen dose.

☕️ STEP 7 Let it drip through until the bed of coffee looks dry.

☕️ STEP 8 Discard the filter and ENJOY!

Happy brewing everyone!

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