Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Let’s be honest, you are here for one reason - you love coffee! We love it too however, quality coffee is what we live for. Pour- over is all about enjoying the full experience of excellent coffee which you would normally get at your local coffee shop with one difference - you can also do it at home!

There are three main types of filters that can be used with pour- over method. Each of them can have a different effect on the final brew as they will all strain different things out from the liquid that you will drink.

☕️METAL - similarly to French press, metal filter will only remove the larger pieces of ground coffee. The resulting brew will therefore have some sediment in it, and will look a little cloudy. It will have the added body from both the suspended grounds and the oils from the coffee. The benefit to metal filters is that they can be used for months or ever years if kept clean and washed regularly.

☕️PAPER - those are definitely the most common type of filters used and quite rightly so, as they produce the cleanest cup of coffee. They strain out all of the suspended material, as well as any oils that may ended up in the brew. The resulting cup is fairly clear liquid, often with a reddish hue. Bleached white filters are probably better option as brown papers tend to impart an unpleasant papery taste to the coffee.

☕️CLOTH - like paper, it strains out all the suspended pieces of coffee but it does allow some of the oil to come through. The resulting cup is very clean, but has a richer mouthfeel. After use, cloth filters should be washed and dried immediately.

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