Updated: Aug 31, 2019

First of all, you need to know that the type of grinder you use also determines the end product of your drink such that you can get different flavors from a single kind of roast. Using the blade method to grind your coffee will produce a different taste from the one ground with a burr, trust us when we say that!


Blade grinders are small propeller-like metals that roll in a circular motion to help dice your beans into bits. It usually produces coffee grounds of uneven sizes, which causes an imbalance in the production of oil and extraction of flavors from your seeds. They are cheaper and easy to find, but they are the most preferable to use when you desire a French Press coffee and not so much for a pour- over method.


Burr grinders have two notched and dithering plates that press together to grind the beans literally. Those type of grinders use uniform pressure and rotation to essentially ‘ crush’ beans into perfect consistency. They can achieve this at low speeds, meaning no added heat, and maintain a precise and consistent uniform grind.

Burr grinders ensure the even extraction of oil from your seeds and they provide a better flavor and taste than the blade grinders. They are the best options for your pour- over and that is why they are highly recommended and favored by pro-baristas.

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